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UK Forecast- January 17, 2021

Becoming milder

Heavy rain Tuesday

/reports/2021/01/17/foc_0.gif Monday
Monday starts off cloudy across southern Scotland and Northern Ireland with patchy outbreaks of rain here. Cloud increasing further south as Atlantic low pressure edges towards the British Isles. Through the day, patchy rain will spread across Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales and much of England. Drier further east. Scotland will be brighter although showers will be rather widespread. These turn wintry over higher ground. High temperatures at 4 to 8C for most though far southwestern areas could see highs of 10 or 11C.

/reports/2021/01/17/foc_1.gif Monday Night
A wet night for many across Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Wales and the far south of Scotland though rain clears far southwestern parts of the UK by morning. Winds pick up here however with coastal gales developing by morning. A drier night for Scotland with some clear skies to the east. Frequent showers affect northwestern areas and the Northern Isles. Overnight lows at -1 to 1C for Scotland, 3 to 7C for central areas, and 8 to 10C in the south.

/reports/2021/01/17/foc_2.gif Tuesday
Low pressure tracks across Ireland and over the UK on Tuesday. Cloud and rain spread across much of the country as the associated fronts continue to pass through. Winds strengthening too. Rain could largely clear across much of central and southeastern England for a time before more rain pushes in later on in the day and overnight. Milder air for most is expected, with the exception of northern Scotland where it will stay largely dry and cool. Highs at 8 to 12C for Ireland, England and Wales but cooler for Northern Ireland and Scotland with highs of just 3 to 5C.

/reports/2021/01/17/foc_3.gif Wednesday
Low pressure stays in control of conditions over the UK and Ireland into Wednesday. A wet and windy day for much of England and Wales. Rain turns to snow later over northwestern areas. Snow possible too at times for southeast Ireland and for northeastern parts of Scotland for much of the day. Best of the sun for western parts of Ireland and Scotland. High temperatures at 2 to 5C for northern and western areas; 8 to 12C for much of England and Wales away from the northwest.


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