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UK Forecast- April 04, 2020

Windy Sunday

Improving Monday, Tuesday

/reports/2020/04/04/foc_0.gif Sunday
A windier day overall with gales at times to the west and north. The southerly airflow strengthening as low pressure moves in from the Atlantic toward Ireland. A dry day for much of Britain, although fronts to the west will bring rain to Ireland and Northern Ireland, this heavy at times. Rain encroaches into western Scotland, southwest England and Wales later in the day. High cloud building ahead of this weather system turns the sun hazier. Feeling warm with highs at 11 to 18C.

/reports/2020/04/04/foc_1.gif Sunday night
Staying windy to the northwest overnight. Rain eases for Ireland and Northern Ireland though isolated showers follow here. Patchy rain edges eastward across Britain, becoming lighter and increasingly fragmented as it goes. Isolated showers follow for western coasts and hills. Overnight lows feeling cool to the west at 4 or 5C for Ireland and Northern Ireland; much milder over eastern England where lows will remain in the double digits at 10 to 12C.

/reports/2020/04/04/foc_2.gif Monday
A cold front affects southeastern England early in the day, with outbreaks of rain and cloudy skies. Improving conditions from the west, with sunshine breaking through across central areas. A scattering of showers affect western Britain and Ireland from early in the day. A few showers then popping up across central and eastern areas by the afternoon. A moderate southwesterly breeze. High temperatures at 9 to 16C, mildest to the southeast.

/reports/2020/04/04/foc_3.gif Tuesday
Pressure builds across southern Britain and a warm south to southwesterly airflow affects the country. Fronts situated toward the far northwest may bring some cloud and rain to western Scotland and Northern Ireland along with a fresh southerly breeze. Largely sunny skies for central, east and southern England & Wales with light winds. Temperatures rising to 11 to 18C, warmest in the southeast.


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