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Scratchbox - October 20, 2021
Issued: 13:08hrs Wednesday 20th October 2021

Alexi: Two separate weather features this afternoon moving in; cold front bringing some rain further north as it pushes southwards and a separate system moving in form the southwest bringing heavier spells of rain to southern England later into tonight.

Issued: 08:43hrs Wednesday 20th October 2021

Alexi: Heavy rain pushing eastwards through Wales and western parts of England this morning. This heavier band of rain pushes northwards into northern England through the day. Cooler across Scotland into northern England today.

Issued: 15:11hrs Tuesday 19th October 2021

Simon: It's such a warm afternoon across the UK and Ireland, temperature are up to m21C in East Anglia. Click here for the temperature map.

Issued: 07:12hrs Tuesday 19th October 2021

Simon: An exceptionally mild day ahead as southwest winds bring tropical air across the British Isles. Rain this morning passing northeastwards, and further rain & drizzle this afternoon in the west. Tending to become drier in east & south. Windy.

Issued: 16:51hrs Monday 18th October 2021

Simon: A mild and cloudy night ahead. Mist and drizzle on western and southern coasts with more persistent rain into Ireland and western Scotland as well as west Wales and southwest England by morning.

Issued: 12:48hrs Monday 18th October 2021

Simon: Lunchtime radar showing the front moving from west to east and a fragmented area of rain. Still a few moderate bursts (yellow) in there, but nothing too serious. Plenty of cloud following from the west behind the front

Issued: 07:54hrs Monday 18th October 2021

Simon: Plenty of cloud this Monday morning, and mild too. A front is bringing rain to eastern Ireland and the west of the UK, this fragmenting as the rain pushes east during the day. Always plenty of cloud around with some fog on western coasts even after the front has cleared.

Issued: 17:07hrs Sunday 17th October 2021

Garry: A mild night ahead with a lot of cloud and areas of drizzle. Rain spreads from the southwest on Monday, heaviest across western Britain.

Issued: 13:40hrs Sunday 17th October 2021

Garry: A lot of cloud and some patchy drizzle, but some brighter spells with some sunshine trying to break through this afternoon. Sunniest in southwest England.

Issued: 09:29hrs Sunday 17th October 2021

Garry: A damp and murky morning for many places, but rain will tend to fizzle out to give brighter spells this afternoon. Feeling mild with a southwesterly breeze.

Issued: 17:13hrs Saturday 16th October 2021

Alexi: Rain now moving in across Northern Ireland and Ireland and this will give many northern and central areas a wet start to Sunday. Rain turning patchy through the day.

Issued: 08:58hrs Saturday 16th October 2021

Alexi: A much cloudier day today but mainly dry, although rain will push in across Ireland and Northern Ireland through the day and into west Scotland later.