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Scratchbox - November 15, 2018
Issued: 09:22hrs Thursday 15th November 2018

Simon: No change in the forecast for next week as colder weather passes west through the UK and Ireland.

Issued: 07:07hrs Thursday 15th November 2018

Simon: Mist and fog this morning in parts if the Midlands and eastern England, this slowly lifting.

Issued: 14:01hrs Wednesday 14th November 2018

Simon: Staying mild through this afternoon. bests sunshine in southern and central England. Rain still affecting central and northern Scotland, slowly clearing.

Issued: 07:19hrs Wednesday 14th November 2018

Simon: Very mild for all today. Some rain in Scotland, heavy in the southwest right now, but clearing slowly north during the day.

Issued: 14:42hrs Tuesday 13th November 2018

Claire: Showers are largely clearing now though a band of heavier, more persistent rain is moving into western parts of Ireland now. This will continue to move westward through the evening bringing rain for Ireland, western Wales, northwestern England and western Scotland.

Issued: 11:32hrs Tuesday 13th November 2018

Simon: Remaining showers are likely to be fading in the next hour or two. Good spells of sunshine, especially in the east although cloud is now increasing in Ireland.

Issued: 07:18hrs Tuesday 13th November 2018

Simon: Not a bad day ahead. Some morning showers in northern England and southern Scotland, but these should ease and then most places dry with sunshine. Increasing ind and rain into western Ireland this afternoon.

Issued: 15:45hrs Monday 12th November 2018

Simon: Further showers this evening, but they should be easing into Tuesday morning.

Issued: 11:26hrs Monday 12th November 2018

Claire: Temperatures into double figures for most areas now. Heavy rain and showers affecting southern Ireland, Wales, southern England, Cumbria, and western and southern Scotland. Best of the brightness just now in eastern England.

Issued: 07:19hrs Monday 12th November 2018

Simon: Heavy showers today in western parts of the UK and all of Ireland. Eastern and central areas mostly dry with sunny spells. Mild for all.

Issued: 15:33hrs Sunday 11th November 2018

Garry: One batch of rain is clearing NE across Scotland, whilst there's a scattering of showers elsewhere. Clumps of organised heavy downpours spreading across Ireland into western Britain this evening.

Issued: 10:49hrs Sunday 11th November 2018

Garry: Clusters of showers, focused on the south and west, with a more organised batch of rain affecting northwest England and southern Scotland. Sunny spells away from showers.