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Scratchbox - December 10, 2019
Issued: 07:01hrs Tuesday 10th December 2019

Simon: A chilly start to the day in eastern England, but temperatures lifting as wind, cl9ud and rain spread from the west. Gusts are already above 60,ph in northern and western areas with these gusts spreading east.

Issued: 17:14hrs Monday 09th December 2019

Simon: A frost tonight in many areas of the UK at first tonight, but temperatures increasing from the west as cloud increases.

Issued: 12:27hrs Monday 09th December 2019

Simon: A better afternoon as wends have now eased and a temporary ridge of high pressure is building. Make sure all is prepared for more severe gales tomorrow though.

Issued: 07:35hrs Monday 09th December 2019

Simon: It's been a very windy night, Aberdaron in west Wales topping the speed list at lower level stations with 77mph.

Issued: 17:26hrs Sunday 08th December 2019

Claire: The strongest winds through the second part of the night (early Monday morning) will be focussed over Wales and southwest England where gusts could reach up to 70mph for some inland areas.

Issued: 13:17hrs Sunday 08th December 2019

Claire: Winds at near gale force (Force 7) for many western areas now. Increasing further through this afternoon and evening. Selected peak gusts so far include 71mph at Ballypatrick, 67mph at Islay and Mace Head, 65mph at Glen Ogle, 62mph at Valentia and 60mph at Dinner Camp, Shannon and Bingley.

Issued: 08:26hrs Sunday 08th December 2019

Claire: Sunny spells with heavy, blustery showers for many today. Showers heaviest and most frequent to the west and they may be thundery with hail at times. Rain developing over Ireland later. Very windy.

Issued: 17:01hrs Saturday 07th December 2019

Claire: Winds picking up already to the west and rising further through the night. Gusts of 47mph recorded at Belmullet, 45mph at Aberdaron, 42mph at Mace Head and Malin Head and 39mph on the Isle of Man.

Issued: 14:23hrs Saturday 07th December 2019

Claire: Pressure is falling now across the UK and Ireland as a deep cyclone approaches the northwest. Tendency for pressure to fall will continue through the next 24 hours or so as the centre of the low passes eastward to the north of the UK tomorrow.

Issued: 17:03hrs Friday 06th December 2019

Claire: Rain easing for most overnight though some showers persist over northern and western areas. Winds will generally ease overnight and temperatures are expected to stay above freezing for most.

Issued: 12:13hrs Friday 06th December 2019

Claire: Sustained winds near gale force to the south of Ireland & through the English Channel today. Peak gusts so far of 47mph for the Isle of Portland, 45mph at Sherkin, 44mph at St Catherine's Point & 43mph at both Plymouth & Langdon Bay. Winds staying at this strength through the Channel until this evening.

Issued: 07:57hrs Friday 06th December 2019

Claire: Outbreaks of rain gradually clear to the southeast throughout the day with brighter conditions and some showers following to the west later.