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Scratchbox - October 20, 2020
Issued: 17:29hrs Monday 19th October 2020

Simon: A breezy night ahead with plenty of rain in Scotland and Ireland. A band of rain spreading east through England.

Issued: 11:45hrs Monday 19th October 2020

Simon: A wet afternoon across Ireland and western Scotland. Rain will be edging into the west of Wales and western UK, but drier east and south.

Issued: 07:39hrs Monday 19th October 2020

Simon: Heavy rain in Scotland this morning, some heavy bursts for western Ireland too, all spreading east. Mostly dry in England and Wales.

Issued: 16:28hrs Sunday 18th October 2020

Alexi: A dry but cloudy night for much of England and Wales. Meanwhile, rain will spread north across Ireland and into Northern Ireland before affecting Scotland through the early hours.

Issued: 13:11hrs Sunday 18th October 2020

Alexi: With only light winds about cloud and mist is not likely to shift anytime soon across much of the country although some sunny spells could develop later on today. Largely dry weather continuing this afternoon however rain will push into southern and western Ireland.

Issued: 08:58hrs Sunday 18th October 2020

Alexi: Rather a lot of places enduring a misty and murky start. Unfortunately there will be limited sunshine this morning but it should stay largely dry from rain although feeling damp for many under the mist.

Issued: 16:16hrs Saturday 17th October 2020

Claire: Another rather cloudy night for the UK and Ireland tonight though some clearer spells developing over Wales, Northern Ireland, southern England and northern Ireland will allow for some mist and fog patches to form.

Issued: 12:15hrs Saturday 17th October 2020

Claire: Showers continuing to filter into eastern parts of the UK through this afternoon while light, patchy rain affects far southwestern parts of England and Ireland. Staying dry for most with a lot of cloud around.

Issued: 08:06hrs Saturday 17th October 2020

Claire: Rather cloudy today with a scattering of showers for some - these mainly over central and eastern areas. A few sunny spells may develop - the best of these to the west.

Issued: 17:04hrs Friday 16th October 2020

Claire: Staying rather cloudy for most tonight. Where skies are clearer to the south and west there is the chance of a few mist or fog patches developing as well as a touch of frost.

Issued: 12:04hrs Friday 16th October 2020

Claire: There's a fair amount of cloud around as we head into this afternoon. The best of the sun will continue to be over western areas.

Issued: 08:12hrs Friday 16th October 2020

Claire: Most areas dry and cool today but there will be some good spells of sunshine developing, especially to the west. Further east there is a chance of showers. These also affecting parts of Wales as well as central England.